The Ink-Stained-Wretch

It's hard to say where the expression Ink-Stained-Wretch originates. Though I have found almost no reliable sources, at least one researcher told me in passing that the phrase comes from Canadian novelist Hugh Garner. Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Deadeye Dick attributes it to Alexander Woollcott, but this is probably wrong as well. To great alarm, I... Continue Reading →


Explaining my Little Friend

Hello, my big friends and strangers. If you know me, then you probably know that I come with a constant stream of thought and sound. For this, I apologise, but I also must admit that it cannot be helped. You see, I cannot quite find a way ever to shut myself off. I talk and... Continue Reading →

Writing in the Digital Age

The wastepaper basket is a writer’s best friend. - Isaac Bashevis Singer These words were true when the Nobel Prize winner Mr. Singer said them and they are true today, with a few key alterations. Not long ago, I was asked what it’s like to write in the 21st century, and I thought it’s about... Continue Reading →

I am becoming a professional Geek

Let me tell you what I did this morning, or more accurately, the morning immediately preceding my writing of these words, not when you’re reading them. I woke up early, because there are no blinds on my windows, and so I am always woken up by the lights outside. I roll over, and my phone... Continue Reading →

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