Wychman updates


I hope you are all enjoying your February (like January, but shorter!)

Just thought I’d give an update and shout out to some things happening over here. My first book Wychman Road has been out for one month! the book is available from a growing list of retailers including Amazon and Barnes&Noble, with wider distribution coming to places like Canada soon. You can check out the Store for all the links so far.

Right now, there is a giveaway! if you live in the States, you can click this link for a chance to win a free copy! the winner will be selected on Friday, February 13th. it does not cost anything to enter.

Goodreads! Did you know about Goodreads? it’s great. you can Wychman Road on Goodreads. if you were thinking of leaving a review or your thoughts on the book, you could do so on Goodreads as well as Amazon.

On Goodreads, Wychman Road has been added to several Listopia lists on Goodreads. You can check out the lists and cast your vote for the book by clicking this link. Listopia is also a good way to find other books like mine if you feel like more good reading in similar categories. if there are any lists you think the book should be on, please add it!

Finally, I am not the only writer worth reading from my publisher. check out their new website http://www.tzppbooks.com/ to find other great reads.

that’s all for now! happy reading!


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