Wychman Information, or how I learned to stop worrying and ask people to share my book

Happy new year everybody!

So, here we are at last, in 2016. Now, with 6 more days until launch, I guess there are some things I gotta put up. If you love me, like me, or even didn’t mind me that one time, here are things I would be very grateful of, if anyone would do.
the first is Goodreads, something that i’m only now growing to understand.
Yes! Wychman Road is on Goodreads, and here is a link:


If you have Goodreads, it would mean a lot to check off the book as something you want to read, and after reading it, please rate and leave a review, and share with others. even now, in this age of advertisement and robots telling you what to buy, the best way a book can be helped, is word of mouth.

the second thing to share, is where to buy the book. it will be available to order from Chapters Indigo in Canada, though not on shelves. if that’s how you’d like to get the paperback, you can go in and ask, and they will ship it in for you.

the other primary source will be Amazon. Amazon will be the only place to get the eBook, but for those with Kindle Unlimited, it will be free!! Amazon will also be a good place to order the paper back once available.


again, once available on Amazon, if you can leave a review and share, then please do! the more of you who buy the book and share and leave reviews, the more likely it is that someone new will see it and do the same, and this is the most important thing.


lastly, if you haven’t, please go like the facebook page, and share it with others. It means a lot, and it helps more than you can imagine!


again, thanks to everybody, and happy new year!


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