Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Ben Berman Ghan. I am a writer and editor from Toronto Canada. On here I will post links to new things I have done, as well as keep a complete up to date CV of my work and publishing credits, as you can see below.


  • Wychman Road (2016)

Short Stories:

Flash Fiction

Published Essays

  • Cats Cradle Scientists and Systems in The Spectatorial Zine 2017 (Forthcoming)

Journals I’ve edited:

  • The Spectatorial Volume 3 (copy editor)
  • The Spectatorial Volume 4 (assistant editor)
  • The Spectatorial Volume 5 (assistant editor)
  • The Spectatorial Volume 6 (assistant editor)
  • The Spectatorial Volume 7 (Fiction Editor) (Forthcoming)
  • The Spectatorial Zine 2017 (Fiction Editor) (In Progress)

Personal Essays on WychWords:

Poetry on Wychwords:

Articles for The Spectatorial:

  • Bowie Fiction
  • Lonesome No More
  • Arrival – A Case of Déjà vu
  • The Poor Teaching Practices of Albus Dumbledore
  • Remember To Save What Keeps Us Human: Looking At “Childhood’s End”
  • Trying to Be Happy – Exploring the Issue of Humanness in “Swiss Army Man”
  • 4 Heroes. 4 Movies. 4 Mistakes. 4 Puns.
  • Doing What’s Right: A Review of Captain America – Civil War
  • Not My Superman
  • Daredevil Season 2: Here Comes the Man Without Fear
  • I Aim to Misbehave – The Confusing Gender Politics of Firefly
  • Star Wars: the Force Awakens—We’re Home
  • Hannibal: What do you see?
  • Jessica Jones: Feminist Noir
  • Ex_Machina – I am become Death
  • Jessica Jones: It’s Time to Learn Her Name
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  • The Flash Season One: “Run, Barry, Run!”
  • Almost Human: Synthetic Soul
  • Sandman: Handful of Dust
  • God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut
  • Imagine Magic! In Defense of Fantasy Literature
  • Reach for the Stars! Or in Defence of Science Fiction Literature
  • No Capes! An Introduction to Comics and Graphic Novels of the Non-Superhero Variety
  • Without Fear: The Devil in Depression
  • I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts… But Flying Saucers Give Me Chills!
  • A Good Land for Myths
  • The Stuff What Don’t Get Spoke: Hawkeye and Disability Done Well


Interviews with me:

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