Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Ben Berman Ghan. I am a writer and editor from Toronto Canada. On here I will post links to new things I have done, as well as keep a complete up to date CV of my work and publishing credits, as you can see below.


  • Wychman Road (2016)

Short Stories:

  1. Our Perspective In The Spectatorial Volume 4 (2015)
  2. City Souls in Indigo Lit (Spring 2016)
  3. The Martian Mustache in The Spectatorial Volume 6 (2016)
  4. Yum in The UC Review (2017)
  5. Rocket Connection in Fair Folk Journal (2017)
  6. The End of History in The Goose Volume 6 (2017)
  7. Death Watch in Occulum Journal (2017)
  8. A Carnival World in South 85 Journal (2017)
  9. What We See in the Smoke in The Spectatorial Zine 2017 (Forthcoming)
  10. Dream of a Good Life in Liquid Imagination issue 35 (2017)  (Forthcoming)
  11. The War With Space in Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal (2017)  (Forthcoming)

Flash Fiction

Published Essays

  • Cats Cradle Scientists and Systems in The Spectatorial Zine 2017 (Forthcoming)

Journals I’ve edited:

  • The Spectatorial Volume 3 (copy editor)
  • The Spectatorial Volume 4 (assistant editor)
  • The Spectatorial Volume 5 (assistant editor)
  • The Spectatorial Volume 6 (assistant editor)
  • The Spectatorial Volume 7 (Fiction Editor) (Forthcoming)
  • The Spectatorial Zine 2017 (Fiction Editor) (Forthcoming)

Personal Essays on WychWords:

Poetry on Wychwords:

Articles for The Spectatorial:

  1. The Sins of Professor X (Part 1)
  2. Wrath of Khan Introspective
  3. Bowie Fiction
  4. Lonesome No More
  5. Arrival – A Case of Déjà vu
  6. The Poor Teaching Practices of Albus Dumbledore
  7. Remember To Save What Keeps Us Human: Looking At “Childhood’s End”
  8. Trying to Be Happy – Exploring the Issue of Humanness in “Swiss Army Man”
  9. 4 Heroes. 4 Movies. 4 Mistakes. 4 Puns.
  10. Doing What’s Right: A Review of Captain America – Civil War
  11. Not My Superman
  12. Daredevil Season 2: Here Comes the Man Without Fear
  13. I Aim to Misbehave – The Confusing Gender Politics of Firefly
  14. Star Wars: the Force Awakens—We’re Home
  15. Hannibal: What do you see?
  16. Jessica Jones: Feminist Noir
  17. Ex_Machina – I am become Death
  18. Jessica Jones: It’s Time to Learn Her Name
  19. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  20. The Flash Season One: “Run, Barry, Run!”
  21. Almost Human: Synthetic Soul
  22. Sandman: Handful of Dust
  23. God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut
  24. Imagine Magic! In Defense of Fantasy Literature
  25. Reach for the Stars! Or in Defence of Science Fiction Literature
  26. No Capes! An Introduction to Comics and Graphic Novels of the Non-Superhero Variety
  27. Without Fear: The Devil in Depression
  28. I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts… But Flying Saucers Give Me Chills!
  29. A Good Land for Myths
  30. The Stuff What Don’t Get Spoke: Hawkeye and Disability Done Well


Interviews with me:


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